Pip Babywear

Organic Babywear is Eco-Friendly and Comfortable

The popularity of organic babywear is increasing mainly because many babies are having allergic reactions and side effects to chemicals found in non-organic baby clothing. Choosing organic babywear exclusively prevents health concerns produced by traditionally grown cotton. Certified organic materials contain no fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or artificial dyes. There are five pesticides that are often used in producing cotton, and these five chemicals have been proven to cause cancer: propargite, dicofol, trifluralin, naled, and cyanazine.

A baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adult’s skin. One of the main reasons to choose organic babywear is the fact that a baby’s thin skin is more likely to absorb harmful toxins and chemicals from clothing. Non-organic clothing has been found to irritate a baby’s eyes, nose, and throat. In addition, the chemicals used can keep your baby awake at night and possibly cause cancer.

Organic babywear is by definition produced with organic materials. The consumption of organic products contributes to an eco-friendly environment. Organic fiber is government certified when the fiber or producing animal was produced without toxic fungicides, herbicides or insecticides. Farmers could reduce the use of insecticides by twenty five percent by growing all cotton organically. In addition, modern advances now allow eco-safe dyes to color organic cotton. Organic hemp is woven into fabric that is worn and used like linen. Organic wool is a versatile fiber. Wool is hypo allergenic and resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew. Organic Bamboo is much like silk. This material is very breathable, UV-resistant and antimicrobial. Real organic silk is the softest organic material, and is very warm and breathable for baby. Organic Kapok is a light silky fiber often used for pillows. Lastly, organic buckwheat and millet hulls are also used for pillows. This material is known to keep baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The consumer market for organic babywear is increasing very fast; therefore the selection of items, styles, and designs is increasing just as quickly, if not faster. Whether you are buying for a boy or girl, a newborn or toddler, you will find a wide variety of organic babywear to suit any taste. In addition to baby clothes; bedding, gifts, and skin care are all available in organic form today.